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Circlepod IDO Publish & Sales Rules

Newsletter of Circlepod Protocol
Circlepod IDO Publish & Sales Rules
To the Circlepod community,
First of all, thanks to the community partners who have always supported Circlepod. After community events and hackathons, the Circlepod has become more and more perfect:
you can see here get docs.

Circlepod Protocol
🌟 【Community IDO】🌟

🕗 Save Time 👉 Nov 12 08:15 AM(UTC+8) | 00:15(UTC) | 2021
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Wen CPX?
Many people are looking forward to when to release CPX and are very happy to receive a lot of encouragement from the community. These have made the Circlepod community more active and stronger, and we also think that now is the best time to release CPX. The rules are as follows:
During this period, we have referred to many IDO projects using Mango Markets contracts. We must emphasize that the only tokens that will be circulated after IDO will be the IDO and liquidity and market-making tokens, strictly enforced, as stated in the Tokenomics document.
When we hold IDO, we strictly consider the following points:
  • Everyone can participate in IDO
  • No private and pre-sale
  • Appropriate circulation to maintain the health of tokens
  • Provide centralized and decentralized exchange circulation.
You can check on the blockchain browser that the Token supply is not circulating to any wallet.
On this basis, we added restrictions on the withdrawal of USDC, which increased the cost of withdrawal of USDC. We hope that through this mechanism, the problem of IDO prices being too untrue during the sale period can be reduced.
Community Sales Rules
  • Token code: CPX
  • Token form: Solana Fungible Token
  • Official $CPX token contract address
  • Sales price: Determined by the final result of IDO
  • Sales conditions: Everyone can participate, there is no private and pre-sale
  • Total sales: 26,424,295.15 locked $CPX (accounting for 14.3% of Genesis’s total issuance and 5% of total supply)
  • Participation method: USDC (How to get USDC on Solana?)
Sales schedule
Community Sales (C1)
  • Sales time: 2021/11/12 08:15 (UTC+8) ~ 2021/11/15 08:14 (UTC+8) (48H)
  • UTC: 2021/11/12 00:15 (UTC) ~ 2021/11/15 00:14 (UTC)
  • Open target: general public (excluding the categories mentioned in the disclaimer)
The first stage, sales period (48H)
Within 48 hours of the start of the sale, you can deposit or withdraw USDC to the smart contract vault. At this time, the token price of $CPX will be adjusted according to the amount of USDC deposited.
At this stage, you can deposit or withdraw USDC freely.
The second stage, grace period (24H)
The 24 hours after the first phase is a grace period. If you think the token price is too high, you can safely withdraw USDC. At the same time, during this period, you can no longer deposit any USDC, and the price of $CPX can only fall at this stage.
Special Note: If you withdraw USDC, the contract will be locked for the withdrawn USDC. You need to wait 1 day after the end of the entire IDO sale before you can withdraw USDC.
How to buy?
Remind you, please read the following information carefully before purchasing:
We will provide the website URL on our Discord, Twitter and other platforms. At the same time, you can read our document, white paper, and in Discord and Telegram to discuss with the community.
Please pay special attention to fraud and fraud. Please use the official website to operate. We will not leave a message to you directly, please guard against any private message to you. There are many scammers and impersonators who will try to steal money during this period.
  • Residents in United States, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and other countries or regions under United Nations sanctions cannot participate in this $CPX community sale.
  • Any user is prohibited from reselling $CPX community sales to users residing in the United States, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and countries or regions under United Nations sanctions.
  • If users are found to have maliciously undermined this sale** (including but not limited to the use of robots and scripts), ** will immediately cancel their qualification to participate in the sale.
  • This sale is not first come first served. Sellers who want to participate have 48 hours to deposit USDC to complete their participation.
Official Community
  • Fork. The basic blockchain technology of Circlepod tokens may change at any time, including changes in operating rules (often referred to as “forks” and “forks” in English), and the blockchain network may be due to programming errors , “Hard fork” (hard fork) or some other unforeseen reasons and no Internet is available. Such changes may seriously and adversely affect the value or function of your Circlepod tokens or the feasibility or success of the Circlepod token sale. You agree that you will be fully responsible for monitoring such changes and agree to bear all related risks arising from such changes.
  • Disclaimer. Circlepod hereby disclaims all liability for any loss or damage (including but not limited to the operation of any specific blockchain network) arising from or related to the purchase or use of Circlepod tokens due to transactions or due to factors beyond your control Risk of loss). Circlepod is also exempt from any loss or damage related to or related to cyber attacks (including but not limited to the theft of your personal information).
  • Non-securities in nature. **The use and purchase of tokens created by Circlepod requires a high degree of financial risk. You understand and acknowledge that Circlepod tokens are not securities, and the provision and sale of Circlepod tokens are not registered under the laws of any jurisdiction, and the resale shall be done in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Supervision measures. Encrypted tokens may be supervised by competent authorities in different jurisdictions. Circlepod may be subject to inquiries, notices, warnings, requests or sanctions from one or more competent authorities at any time; it may even be ordered by the competent authorities to suspend or terminate any activities related to Circlepod tokens. As a result, the development and sale of Circlepod tokens may be severely affected, hindered, or even forced to terminate.
  • Low liquidity and price volatility. Tokens may be difficult or impossible to realize in the future, that is, there may be no market demand for Circlepod tokens in the future. Circlepod is not responsible for the circulation and trading of Circlepod tokens in the market. Tokens (for example: Circlepod tokens), if traded in the market, usually have a price range that fluctuates sharply. The situation where the price fluctuates violently in a short period of time often occurs (the so-called “price” here may be denominated in Bitcoin, Ether, U.S. dollars or other legal currencies). These fluctuations may originate from market momentum (including speculative activities), regulatory changes, technological innovation, the feasibility of other trading methods, and other objective factors. These fluctuations highly reflect changes in the supply and demand for tokens. Circlepod disclaims any liability for any Circlepod token transactions that occur in the secondary circulation market; Circlepod will not and has no obligation to intervene in control of any price fluctuations of Circlepod tokens. You should conduct due diligence carefully and fully understand that the tokens you have paid for the consideration may ultimately be unusable or worthless, or 100% loss may occur. With regard to the liquidity or value of Circlepod tokens, Circlepod does not make any express or implied statements and guarantees. You understand and accept that there is no guarantee or guarantee for any benefits that may be brought about by your Circlepod tokens.
  • The user’s laws and regulations are followed. You understand and agree that Circlepod is not responsible for the selection of applicable laws for your Circlepod token-related transactions. The applicable laws include but are not limited to any anti-money laundering laws, securities transaction laws and tax laws. You understand and agree that you are obliged to comply with all relevant laws and regulations that may apply to your Circlepod token transaction. Without prejudice to the foregoing terms, you understand and agree that you are fully responsible for the taxes and debts generated by the Circlepod token exchange; at the same time, you also understand and agree that Circlepod will not directly or indirectly bear any of your tax obligations.
  • Regulations of the organization are complied with. You understand and agree that Circlepod may freeze or stop the withdrawal or transaction of Circlepod tokens (or at the same time), or disclose information about the purchaser of Circlepod tokens due to applicable regulations or administrative orders, or as required by the competent authority . If Circlepod is subject to a compulsory punishment and requires disclosure of information, you agree that Circlepod will provide your relevant information to the competent authority. Circlepod will try its best to inform you that your information will be disclosed in advance under commercially reasonable circumstances, but Circlepod does not guarantee that it will notify you in advance.
  • Provided as is. You understand and clearly accept that Circlepod tokens will be created and delivered on the basis of “as is” and “under development”, and you bear all related risks. Circlepod is not responsible for any guarantees arising from laws, transaction processes, performance processes, industry practices, etc., for Circlepod tokens, including but not limited to (i) merchantability guarantee; (ii) guarantee applicable to specific purposes; or (iii) ) A guarantee that does not infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party. You acknowledge that you have not relied on any statement or guarantee made by Circlepod or the person representing Circlepod, including but not limited to any form of dialogue (either in oral or electronic form) or any white paper. You agree that regardless of whether Circlepod has made any oral or written remarks regarding the purchase or use of Circlepod tokens by technical advice or other means, you agree to bear all risks of purchasing and/or using Circlepod tokens by yourself.
  • Change. You fully understand and acknowledge that Circlepod’s statements regarding the sale of Circlepod tokens should not constitute investment advice. Circlepod reserves the right to change its remarks on Circlepod tokens at any time, including but not limited to white papers, introductions, and announcements prepared for the sale of Circlepod tokens, without additional notice. You should ensure that you have fully reviewed and understood the latest version of Circlepod token-related documents before participating in the Circlepod token community sale.
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