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Circlepod x Decentralized Club RECAP

Newsletter of Circlepod Protocol
Circlepod x Decentralized Club RECAP

Hi everyone, my name is yu, currently the founder and CEO of Circlepod Before founding Circlepod, I had done many software engineering projects and accumulated rich experience in architecture design. Circlepod won the fourth place in the recent Solana Hackathon. I sincerely thank you for your support. Please be sure to join the Circlepod family and build this new media meta-universe agreement together.
By the way, our airdrop event is in progress. You can check the pinned post of @CirclepodP on twitter.
Greeting to all kindly people here! I’m Courtney, CMO of Circlepod. In last 2 years, our team help many customers to establish their product, and gain a lot of valuable experience from them. Consequently, It’s the time for us to launch our product! We welcome cooperation & invitations. Or if you have some Marketing proposal, feel free to send to [email protected]. I’ll reply the email in person!
Session 1: Introduction Questions
Q1. Can you start us off with what is Circlepod about and how it is a next generation service?
Circlepod is a global application that allows Podcasters and audience to interact and get paid directly. We encourage and accelerate both the changes and development of the global digital content creation, so that every piece of created content can get its value. Create more interactivity and entertainment, connect fans and value through blockchain technology, and create a good copyright and subscription ecosystem through data and AI.
In June 2021, our project started.
In August 2021, we hosted an official Beta application, with more than 10,000 people participating, and we ushered in the first community growth. We are ecstatic, and more agree with the application and direction we want to do.
In October 2021, we opened the task of collecting tickets. More than 50,000 people participated in the use of our App. The experience of high-traffic design also confirmed our strength this time. Among them, it also won the fourth place of SOLANA IGNITION [email protected].
There would be 4 parts in Circlepod. First, Circlepod Protocol, which included Apps and DAO. We offer platform that serves Podcaster and audience.
Second, Circlepod Universe, we believe that the world of blockchain makes value transfer possible. In the past, we could only transmit “information” over the Internet. Now with the help of blockchain, it is possible to deliver value. Creator’s work, fans’ support, to merchandise and digital content. Blockchain has given the possibility of embodying value. We hope that every creation can have its due value. At the same time, through our media agreement to create a highly immersive new world, you can call it meta-universe. In any case, it takes creation to the next level, whether it is the creator or the audience.
Third is for Circlepod NFTs. Circlepod determines to build our digital creation. For example: “小澄宇宙” corresponds to Podcast (It’s only for Mandarin now), Stories corresponds to Lanny and his friends. NFT in our system can interact with App.
Let me tell a story. Lanny, our first man of Circlepod live in the normal world like us. One day, he found that there’s a new world when he knew the blockchain. At there, whatever he does needs to use blockchain. It’s the beginning for him to use blockchain. Same as traveling the worlds, Lanny starts to explore “Circlepod Universe”! NFT Marketplace :
And the last part is Circlepod Wallet, We believe that people in non-crypto people bring great potential to the market. Consequently, we will design wallets and tools that are more consistent with user experience and intuition to integrate the Circlepod ecosystem
So far, we have the following product lines:
  • Circlepod Protocol: Starting from Podcast, creating a top-level media protocol.
  • Circlepod Universe: Original content universe, independent IP and image surround the entire ecosystem.
  • Circlepod NFTs: Original NFTs, NFTs can participate in many application functions, and allow circulation and transactions.
  • Circlepod Wallet: In order to break the blockchain, we will design wallets and tools that are more consistent with user experience and intuition to integrate the Circlepod ecosystem.
Q2. Can you shed some light on how both Podcaster and their fans can benefit in this new ecosystem?
Circlepod is a global application, the goal is to create a media metaverse ecology, through our unique media agreement to lead players into a new horizon experience. Allow Podcaster to interact directly with the audience and get paid directly. We encourage and accelerate the change and development of the global digital content creation field, so that every piece of carefully created content can get its due value. Create more interactivity and entertainment. Connect fans and value through blockchain technology, and create a good copyright and subscription ecosystem through data and AI. We started with Podcasts because we believe that sound is currently the easiest way to create an immersive experience. Through our many years of design experience in UI/UX design, more players who are not experienced in the currency circle can go deep into it. We hope to create a creative ecosystem in our applications, and show the value of creation through the blockchain. Finally, add our original content to complete the closed loop of the entire media meta-universe agreement. People can experience different life experiences and feel the excitement of heart flow and new things. We are growing very fast, and we have accumulated more than 70,000 users in the past six months. We believe that the official version will become more robust after the release of the official version.
Q3. What is this Circlepod universe series? 
Circlepod has its own IP characters and original story, such as Lanny, Teddy and Massee that have been released. Each character will have its own background and basic attributes, and these characters also have their own life stories.
When you join Circlepod and establish your own identity, you can choose to interpret the character story with a certain character, and your behavior in Circlepod will affect the future of that character. To give a practical example: when you choose to join Circlepod as Teddy, Teddy has the characteristic of being sociable. If you are listening to the Podcast, and actively interact with Podcaster or other Circlepod community friends, such as comment, like, share, etc. Then, your Teddy will tend to be socially superior; or you have chosen the role of a warm brother who is good at cooking like Massee, and you also love podcasts of the fortune-telling, then you will become a fortune cookie maker people.
Regarding the relationship between NFT and Metaverse, it can be noted that each of our NFTs has a story. For example: some Halloween NFTs were sold a while ago. When you own this NFT, your character (whether Lanny, Teddy or Massee) will trigger the Halloween plot and experience the entire story from the perspective of that character. If you follow the original storyline, then you will unlock related achievements. And if you don’t want to follow the original story, it may also trigger other events or achievements.
For example: Lanny met a child who wanted to eat biscuits after the promotion activity ended. At this time, Lanny can decide whether or not to give the child biscuits. If you give your child biscuits, you will receive the “Heartwarming Magician” badge. If you don’t give your child biscuits, you will receive the “Sad Child” badge.
Join Circlepod and soar into the meta universe!
Q4. What is the benefit of holding $CPX token and how do we acquire it? What is its utility?
CPX token that powers the Circlepod Protocol ecosystem. There are some examples below:
  • Support Your Favorite Podcast and Earn Rewards
  • Making new governance proposal
  • Stake on Governance and Earn CPX Rewards
  • Pay for the minting cost of Protocol Copyright
  • Pay for the cost of Metadata queries
  • Subscribe Circlepod App Premium
We are planning to list the tokens on many exchanges. Including global well-known exchanges, decentralized exchanges, and localized exchanges. Everyone who is interested in Circlepod can easily use our tokens.
At the same time, we have plans to earn profits in the future to repurchase CPX and burn them at the same time. At present, this plan is still under planning and has not yet been determined.
Q5. Can you tell us what is Circlepod planning to achieve in the later part of this year? 
We are about to do IDO next. Then I hope to solidly expand the team, including development, design, marketing and planning.
Session 2: Twitter Questions
Q1. How do you plan to publish your program in places where English is not frequently spoken? Do you want to educate a wide range of people about your project, such as those in Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, and other countries, so that they can easily appreciate and understand it?
For localization, we hope to find a group of partners who agree with us and understand their own regional culture. They will get rewards we provide to support them to promote their Circlepod. If you think you are eligible, please attach your resume and your opinions about Circlepod and preliminary local plans. Feel free to email to [email protected].
Here is promotion about Podcasters: If you want to be a creator on Circlepod, you need to complete KYC. Now we are actively consulting creators from all over the world for cooperation. Of course, if you have a recommendation or want to cooperate with Podcaster, please send an email to [email protected].
Q2. One of the main problem experienced by NFT lover using the NFTs platform is about the overpricing of NFTs in the market which is not scientific. Is a NFT Marketplace, so how is the NFT market price determined in your platform and solve the overpricing problem?
First of all, we believe that overpriced may not be a real issue. Of course, there are some speculations about pricing and doubts about driving up prices. However, the value of NFT cannot be concealed. We make NFT functional through the media protocols and applications we designed. We may later integrate other NFT projects on the chain into our applications. This is the value of NFT, cross-platform, metadata sharing.
Q3. Circlepod offer projects belonging to the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot blockchains the opportunity to raise capital, but I would like to know what methods you use to carry out the raising of money, what are your ways of generating wealth?
We are about to raise funds through IDO. After the official launch of our APP, you can generate interest through our token pledge channel, you can also generate income from App interaction, and you can even find rare NFTs in our App for trading. Through good digital creation and ecological circulation, we will obtain agreement fees and subscription income from it.
Session 3: Website Questions
Q1. I noticed that Circlepod brings together two great topics that have been growing recently: NFT and Solana, Media Metaverse ecosystem. Through this union of techs, what are the possibilities that users can have through this? What benefits do creators and fans get?
As just mentioned.
People in this Circlepod ecosystem can experience immersive game mechanics. In addition, creators can get more real interactions and create more diversified income methods.
Q2. As a Creator, the first piece of information I looked is about what kind of protection will the platform give to me and my art. Could you please tell us more about what kind of ownership system will Circlepod have? What copyright methods will you provide to us as Creator?
We analyze the characteristics of AI technology to prevent piracy and illegal authorization.
Based on these data, the blacklist is marked and rejected from our application. Of course, because of decentralization, we have no way to prevent him from circulating on other platforms. But we will establish these agreements and provide other platforms to use. Improve and stop the rampant emergence of these illegal authorizations.
For creators, he can create on our platform with peace of mind, and get reasonable remuneration and income.
Q3. Creating a mainstream-grade experience for both end-users and NFT creators should be a number one priority for NFTs based project. Could you give examples of modifications being made by #Circlepod to ensure users have a seamless and smooth experience?
Our team comes from a group of believers who are passionate about technology and design. We have a lot of experience in helping customers. We have designed systems with tens of millions of traffic, and we have also developed new applications that need to war against time. We are very sure to assist customers in building even internal applications or newly upgraded applications. The content includes interface experience design, front-end and back-end system architecture design, blockchain system, or DevOps process and other modern applications often use technology.
Recently we are still holding airdrop events. The previous version did not support the integration of tasks on the same page, but now you can easily complete the tasks and check whether you are eligible for an empty investment!
Session 4: Live Questions
Q1. To enjoy these podcasts that guarantee high quality content. I would like to know if to access an episode will have to pay for it? Or if prepaid is enabled to enjoy a channel for a certain time?
We will help creators create a paying environment for digital content creators who really have core value and want to charge. We will use our platform to help them build a good payment environment, regardless of whether it is encrypted currency or legal currency.
Q2. How important is TokenMix for distribution projects? 3 Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted? And how many tokens Will be locked by the team?
Our team adopts a stricter lock-up method. The team holds 30% and locks it for 4 to 8 years. And there is no private placement or pre-sale of tokens. In other words, no one can obtain Token earlier than IDO. IDO estimated sales 5%. More detailed content can be viewed here.
Q3. Each project should be designed with community feedback and needs in mind. Did you consider the feedback and needs of the community when you created your project?
This question is really great. Our IDO is to build this decentralized organization. Anyone with CPX can guide the direction of the Circlepod application through governance. They accomplish it through proposals and governance. I believe that valuing the voice and communication of the community can help us go further.
Q4. Circlepod’s ultimate vision is like its motto, to build a media deal and a meta-universe ecosystem, bringing gamers into a new world of highly immersive experience. Do you estimate to act as a bridge between the old world and the new world? How do they work to attract non-crypto users?
That’s right! We are the bridge between the old world and the new world, or “ultrasound”, haha. Our goal is to allow the crypto world to break through the boundaries, so that non-crypto users can also participate in this great event. We place great emphasis on UI/UX and allow users who are not familiar with blockchain to operate very easily. For example, he can be completely ignorant of blockchain and other encryption technologies, and he can upload what he wants to do through Circlepod, which is safer and more convenient. He doesn’t even need to change his operating habits. This is such a big vision for us, and hope we can realize it!
Thank you for seeing here, and hope these questions will help you better understand what Circlepod wants to achieve!
Eliminate fake news and fraud
❗️❗️ Recently it has been discovered that some institutions that fake Circlepod are conducting fundraising activities, please pay attention‼ ️:
❗️ The Circlepod official will not directly send you a private message before you actively post a message
❗️ In addition to requesting more private information, Circlepod officials will directly interact with everyone in the group
❗️ The official information of Circlepod will only be released in the following links:
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