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Recent thoughts about Circlepod IDO

Newsletter of Circlepod Protocol
Recent thoughts about Circlepod IDO
To the Circlepod Community,

First of all, thank you for your support in the past 40 hours! CPX will also be available for claiming on the same website after Nov 15 00:15 (UTC). If you have any questions about how to claim CPX, you can refer to this video.
Regardless of the final fundraising result, Circlepod will use this fund to expand Circlepod’s ecosystem according to the plan, and carry out team expansion and market operations.
Circlepod includes the following modules:
  • Circlepod Protocol: Starting from Podcasts, create a top-level media protocol.
  • Circlepod meta universe: original content universe, independent IP and image surround the entire ecosystem.
  • Circlepod NFTs: Original NFTs, NFTs can participate in many application functions, and allow circulation and transactions.
  • Circlepod Wallet: In order to break the blockchain, we will design wallets and tools that are more consistent with user experience and intuition to integrate the Circlepod ecosystem.
  • Circlepod Creator Studio: Provides a useful tool for creators to continue to create, from the initial idea of the idea to the complete service before it is pushed to the audience.
At the same time, many people are very worried about the rise or fall in the short term. What we want to say is that a great investment can never be completed in one day.
We have a technical background team and culture. We have been doing it in a decentralized way since the beginning of the establishment, so we chose this way to distribute tokens. If you agree with us, please join and support us without questioning.
We do not pursue absolute prices, and distribute tokens to as many people as possible fairly, which means that the probability of price manipulation is lower and the benefits of value investment are more obvious. we hope you understand that.
I think what whales fear most is the efficiency of capital use. Our locked design makes them unable to control the display price. And our data shows that our token distribution is very even, which means that it tends to be decentralized. No one can control the price just after listing.
For us, we distribute tokens to as many people as possible, and I think it is successful.
Although we sacrificed the opportunity to obtain a larger amount of capital, we believe that he is very healthy for the growth of the community.
In addition, we are very grateful to the friends who have been active in the community during this period. Your help has allowed others who want to know the Circlepod team to get enough and proper help!
Let us complete IDO with expectations!
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