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The Next step for Circlepod after IDO

Newsletter of Circlepod Protocol
The Next step for Circlepod after IDO
Hi, Circlepod Team greeting from you!

It has been more than a week since our IDO, and we have some information that we want to update with the community.
Circlepod is planning a complete marketing plan and applying listing on CEX exchange.
About CEX
The well-known CEX is very busy and requires many very cumbersome files. So we can only state that we are actively working on it and cannot guarantee any information, especially related to confidentiality agreements. So, this is one of our side goals. We expect this will take 3 to 6 months.
About the primary goal
Our primary goal is to complete the Token audit. Although we are using the original SPL Token, we believe that this is necessary for the continued progress of the project. In addition, we must also deal with Token legal opinions. These are things that you don’t usually see but have to do, and the time it takes must exceed everyone’s expectations. For the long-term health of the project, we must complete these first. We expect this to take 1 to 2 months.
About Partner
With our previous achievements, we have reason to be able to actively look for partners. We are negotiating with many opportunities to obtain more resources and partnerships, including institutions and individuals that may be contacted. Due to our time zone differences, we actually often need to work in the middle of the night and contact our partners. Emails may also respond across geniuses, so that our waiting and working time will be lengthened. We hope to cooperate with strong partners as soon as possible to establish a solid resource network.
About Liquidity
We know that our current market capitalization and liquidity are both small, but this is our intention. We will not try to increase liquidity until the most important tasks are completed. Increasing high liquidity means more token dilution and reward selling pressure. This is a double-edged sword. This is not something we would like to see before we have done the most important work. We will continue to wait for the completion of marketing and other necessary tasks before we have more market-making space and liquidity.
About Marketing
Circlepod is designing a set of image videos that fit our products. It is more conducive to spreading what we think and what we want to present. At the same time, in our “Circlepod Universe”, we are considering adding some virtual identity systems, just like v-tubers on the blockchain. Everyone will present a different image due to their actions and usage habits in our applications. Combine with NFT to add some functions that can match clothes and combine images. Once these work are ready to be completed, the continuous marketing plan will begin substantially.
By the way, we expect to hold events about Christmas goods and NFT in December. It will be the beginning of our online and offline integration process. Please stay tuned.
We are willing to move forward with the community. We mean long-term holders in a substantial sense, not speculators. In this regard, we are considering that owners with a certain amount of CPX can join our special group on Discord, where everyone can discuss the direction and strategy of the application together. Put forward opinions and discussions in a fair and just manner. Of course, this is also the embryonic form of our future DAO. It will be our pre-solution for the DAO system, so that everyone can participate in the discussion and participate in decision-making earlier.
Our token is launched for about 10 days, and we know that many people in the community are arguing over the price. Of course, we have no way to control prices. All that can be done is continuous development and hard work, continuous marketing and advancement.
The rise and fall are the results of the game presented by the market and countless invisible hands. There is only one thing we can be sure of — Regardless of the price of the tokens, we at Circlepod will actively and diligently build a community, build products with the highest efficiency under limited resources, and cultivate the entire community at the same time to increase the overall value.
CEO | Yu Hao Chen
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