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Weekly newsletter of Circlepod Protocol #2

Newsletter of Circlepod Protocol
Weekly newsletter of Circlepod Protocol #2
Hi, there is Circlepod! Glad to see you in the week #2! Let’s discover what’s new in this week!

Circlepod Promoter - Circlepod Community Event 2
2021/10/06 17:00(UTC+8) ~ 2021/10/24 00:00(UTC+8)
Hey, @everyone
Our latest event has already started!
Hurry up and invite your friends, as long as you collect 5 tickets, there is a 100% chance of getting the airdrop!
The first place with the most votes can also get an additional 1000 CPX!
Official invitation code: CIRPOD
The creativity of the community
During this period, many creators with enthusiasm and ideas shared their process of completing tasks on Youtube. Beautiful cover and vivid commentary, hope the community can grow stronger! 💪 💪 💪
  • 🔥🔥 New Airdrop: 🔎 Circlepod (Round 2) 💎 GET 5 Tickets to get $CPX airdrop! (for all users) | ClaimFreeToken:
  • Circlepod Protocol是什麼?如何參加空投幣活動(100%將進行空投 - Solana區塊鏈)| Jack Yang Official:
  • Airdrop Circlepod dự án Podcast hệ Solana - Rất Tiềm Năng:
  • Many other lovely creations…
When we search on Youtube, there’re many creators share their experience with their own ways. Our team love these creations! So amazing! 😘 Go to Find it and remember to click a LIKE ,leave some messages for them, and share with your friends!
Circlepod Protocol
🌟 【 Earn Airdrop Ticket】🌟
Circlepod Promoter

👉 Join
👉 FOLLOW @CirclepodP & Retweet & Tag 3 fri
👉 Done Tasks

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#Airdrop #Circlepod #Earn #NFTs #PodcastDay
Solana Ignition Hackathon Vote
Now ~ 2021/10/20
Gift Already Confirmation!
Vote Hackathon get CPX airdrop rewards!
Hi everyone, thank you for your warm support. As a participating team in Solana Hackathon, we feel very lucky. We have not announced the gift of the voting hackathon before. We hope that everyone truly loves and agrees with our philosophy, and is truly happy to enjoy everything in this community.
Looking back at the beginning, the Circlepod project was established only four months ago, but we seem to have passed four years! We are very honored that more than 6000 people supported us in this hackathon.
Therefore, Circlepod Labs jointly decided that we will allocate CPX airdrop rewards in proportion to the amount of individual votes, and give you who support us the best gift we can come up with.
We believe that the project should follow the community and advance, and Circlepod hopes and actively builds this media paradise! Thank you again for your support! In the last 5 days, if you haven’t voted yet, welcome to join us!
Circlepod Protocol
Gift Already Confirmation!
Vote Hackathon get CPX airdrop rewards

Vote Hackathon👉
After Vote & Fill Form to Get Airdrop Gifts👉
Raise the reward threshold of Sponsor
We are about to raise the reward threshold of Sponsor. Early user feedback will end on Oct 18 00:00 (UTC+8).
Sponsorships before Oct 18 will not be affected by the price increase, and enjoy the original rewards. After that, The new sponsor prices are as follows:
  • Circlepod Sponsor NFT ($30)(Original price $20)
  • if you get sponsor nft and your can get Exclusive airdrop with a 100% chance!
  • IDO whitelist($25)(Original price $10)
  • Special Discord Role($1)
  • Priority to use the beta version
Why increase the price?
  • Feedback on the advantages of early participants.
  • On the other hand, for cost considerations.
Go to become sponsor 👉
Solanians ❤️
Thanks to Solanians for reporting on the hackathon, we will continue to work hard to build a Podcast ecosystem! Create a platform that enables both creators and listeners to win!
S◎lanians ☀️
Projects received the most contribution from the community in Hackerlink quadratic funding

Rumor says that the one support the project will receive the rewards they deserve 👀

Top pjs: @Scallop_io @banksea_finance @CirclepodP @BananaSwap_net @duetprotocol @Fortrex88
Discord Helper Command 📋
Recently, we have added a lot of instructions to Discord, so that people in need can get solutions in time. The new instructions are as follows.
Of course, we also welcome new instructions. Please send a private message to @Courtney on Discord. We will also provide some benefits to proposers as appropriate! 🤩 🤩 🤩
!event: what’s new event?
!hacklink: about hackathon event
!podcast-sup: about how to support podcast
!podcast-vote: about how to vote for podcaster
!spha: about vote hackathon and sponsor
!sponsor: about sponsor plan
!troub: about troubleshooting
!verify: about how to verify in Discord
Sponsors, have you received the NFT?
NFTs have been sent recently. Sponsors above Stellar level can check your wallet. If you do not receive it, please send DM to Courtney on Discord, and we will help you deal with it ASAP!
About NFT
This is the first NFT published by Circlepod, and it is also the first time Lanny 🍊 has shown it to the public. Circlepod sincerely thank the sponsors for making the project continue to move forward. 🏃‍♀️ Circlepod will launch our IP characters in the future and some specific operations require this NFT, after the APP online. We are helping this NFT build an ecosystem. For more latest news, please continue to pay attention to the official Circlepod news!
Circlepod Protocol Token(CPX) Community IDO
  • Users will need to verify their completion of tasks via the Circlepod Airdrop Page in order to qualify for the tickets. Tickets winners will be selected by the Circlepod team.
  • Circlepod reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity Rules at our sole discretion, as well as the final interpretation of user task completion.
  • Rewards will be distributed to eligible participants via the address linked to the account they used to swap.
  • If you are judged as a robot or a fake user, you will not get rewards even if you complete the task.
  • All claims, content, designs, algorithms, estimates, roadmaps, specifications, and performance measurements described in this project are done with the author’s best effort. It is up to the reader to check and validate their accuracy and truthfulness. Furthermore, nothing in this project constitutes a solicitation for investment.
Eliminate fake news and fraud
❗️ ️Recently it has been discovered that some institutions that fake Circlepod are conducting fundraising activities, please pay attention‼ ️:
❗️ The Circlepod official will not directly send you a private message before you actively post a message
❗️ In addition to requesting more private information, Circlepod officials will directly interact with everyone in the group
❗️ The official information of Circlepod will only be released in the following links:
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